Sunday, September 11, 2011

Artistic Inspiration #2 - Dan Hipp

The second artist in my continuing series on what inspires me is Dan Hipp.  I'll keep this one short and let the art speak for itself. 

Basically, he is a comic book illustrator whose blog I discovered a few months ago.  He posts drawings of random pop culture icons, mostly aimed towards the nerd crowd... so... me.  He covers comic books, sci-fi & fantasy movies, books, and generally all things geeky.  He doesn't sell prints of his work (yet) but he has recently started taking commissions to draw pretty much whatever you want.  He also sells art books from his website, MISTERHIPP.  If you have any inclination towards the following: X-Men, Harry Potter, Batman, Thor, Star Wars, Zombies, The Lord of the Rings, etc, I HIGHLY recommend you check out his work.  Until you do that, here is some more of his awesomeness.

As far as illustration goes, I aspire to be as great as Mr. Hipp.  In the mean time, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice...


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