Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Postal Plaza Project

I've got an exhibit coming up! Recently OSU has set aside some money to create its very own permanent art gallery.  As it is now, we have a building called The Bartlett Center, where all art classes are held and where the current gallery is, which changes exhibits every month or so.  But no more! The school has purchased a building in downtown Stillwater called "The Postal Plaza" which I believe used to be some sort of mail sorting structure, but more recently has been an office building for lawyers and doctors.

This is project #1 that our class is working on.

Well, the construction crews are coming in a few weeks to renovate the inside and so my Drawing 2 class is covering the walls with animals!  We had a project a few weeks back where we had to draw some animals (some living, most dead) at one of the labs on campus.  We used our best drawings from this assignment to recreate them on the walls of the postal plaza in groups, each group taking a room and transforming it with a theme.  Our room's theme is snakes and lizards and we call it "The Herpetarium". 

My finger is pointing to my contribution to the wall.

Our other project at the Postal Plaza is two grid transfers of our teachers drawings from the Grand Canyon.  She basically took her two drawings, scaled them down into 20 1" squares and we each were given a square from each drawing to do on two different walls. 

As you can see, our collective styles don't really match up all that well, but you get the basic idea.  It was an interesting collaboration.  I'll put up pictures of the finished walls after the show this Wednesday night.

The other project, the animal related one, is this snake I drew from live observation, blown up into a 5'x6' sharpie drawing on the wall.  Using a grid transfer makes all of this pretty easy, but getting the same amount of detail on a much larger scale took some time.

Taping my section of wall.

Two other students in the same room, seen from the reception window, used as the glass on our reptile cage.

Almost done!

Up close on the "scales".

Not quite finished.

My snake, through the viewing window.
I'll post the final pictures later this week, after the big show.  I've been to so many other people's shows, I'm very excited to be featured in one myself, even if only in such a small role.



  1. That's a pretty cool idea? Anything to brighten up a drab office is nice, I think... It reminds me of the concept of pavement art. See this:

  2. It was a fun project, but like the beautiful sakura, it could not last and has been destroyed by the construction crews by now. :(