Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ora Tokyo Sa Iguda! オラ東京さ行くだ!

    This will be a short one.  Basically, I have had this song stuck in my head all day and I feel the need to share it. 

     The basic premise of the song, sung by Yoshi Ikuzo (吉幾三) a pseudonym equal to the phrase "Alright, let's go!", is that this man wants to move to Tokyo because he is sick of how horrible and boring life is in his backwoods hometown where there are no bars or magazines and the bus comes but once a day.

    It's a pretty funny song if you understand it, and I apologize to those that don't speak Japanese, but it's that wicked guitar riff at the beginning that keeps me coming back.  Enjoy! :)



  1. Is the American equivalent "New York" by Jay-Z? If so, I like the Tokyo song a lot better.

  2. Maybe if Weird Al did a spoof of Jay-Z's song it would be close.